Beracah – Welenga

“Werenga” is a soul-stirring anthem of gratitude, brought to life by the vibrant sound of New Wave Malawian Gospel artist, Baraca. With uplifting melodies and infectious rhythms, this song invites listeners on a journey of praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty.

Through heartfelt lyrics and dynamic vocal delivery, Baraca celebrates the goodness of God and His unwavering faithfulness. “Werenga” resonates with a sense of joy and awe, reflecting on the countless blessings bestowed upon believers. From the gentle strumming of guitars to the rhythmic beats that pulse with energy, every note serves as a testament to God’s boundless love and grace.

As the song builds to its crescendo, listeners are swept up in a wave of exaltation, compelled to join in the chorus of praise. “Werenga” is more than just a song—it’s a spiritual experience, a reminder of the divine presence that guides and sustains us through every trial and triumph.

In “Werenga,” Baraca encapsulates the essence of gratitude, offering a musical expression of faith and devotion that transcends language and culture. It’s a song that uplifts the spirit and ignites the soul, leaving listeners inspired to carry the message of God’s goodness wherever they go.


Baracah -Welenga
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